Espai Kru arrives to Cova Santa with Grup Iglesias one of the most prestigious restaurant groups in Spain, with a new menu that fits perfectly into the environment, philosophy and history of Cova Santa; a thousand-year-old natural cave over 25 meters deep, sculpted by the water of the Sant Josep mountains over the years.

Grup Iglesias and Amnesia Group have bought to the island -owner of Cova Santa Ibiza- has brought to the island one of the most talked about gastronomic proposals in Spain, led by chef Ever Cubilla. The fresh ingredients come from all corners of the world and the food is made with cooking techniques from different cultures, such as Japan, China, Peru, Mexico and Korea; where elaborations of raw food such as sashimis, carpaccios and tartares are mouth watering. A gastronomic experience in one of the most magical spots in Ibiza. You can also find dishes that represent the discovery of fire, seafood brought from the best seas, meats and, of course, the most typical delicacies of the Mediterranean diet, and much more.

To make this project a reality, Espai Kru's team has been working on the new Cova Santa Ibiza proposal for months, adapting it to the particularities of the island and the space in which it will be located. The menu will contain a selection of the Espai Kru’s famous menu, that in the last years has deserved the praises of the gastronomic critic. The group, led by the brothers Borja, Pedro and Juan Carlos Iglesias, own in Barcelona the restaurants Rías de Galicia, Espai Kru, Bellavista del Jardín del Norte and Cañota. Along with the Adrià brothers, it also owns the restaurants Tickets, Pakta, Hoja Santa, Niño Viejo and Enigma.

Cova Santa by Espai Kru: An evolutional return to the essences.

Our ancient cave has been the place for pirates and mercenaries, it is a living proof of a gold times era when the island was the epicenter of the Mediterranean sea the hot spot for adventurers and travelers who took shelter and kept their treasures in it. Totems, stalactites and stalagmites and a new one lighting that will make you travel back in time, now available to our customers.

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Ctra. San José, km 7 (desvío Sa Caleta) 07817 Ibiza, Islas Baleares

Phone: 971 39 57 14



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Espai Kru arrives to Cova Santa Ibiza

Espai Kru arrives to Cova Santa with Grup Iglesias, one of the most prestigious restaurant groups in...

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