WooMoon returns to Cova Santa

WooMooN te invita a descubrir un nuevo concepto artístico - cultural en Ibiza.
'Naked' is the new WooMooN show for the 2018 summer season. A new image, a new concept, but the same spirit. 
Last year's byword was “La Magia Existe”. We will now be using this magic to transform the world. It's time for change. To take action. To be radical. To show our real essence and raw beauty. 

WooMooN 'Naked' is a completely renovated show. A spectacular with innumerable performances, theatre, cirque, live art and interactive experiences, all perfectly synchronised to music. 

Musically speaking we remain with our nomad sounds - an eclectic selection of extraordinary artists within the WooMooN family as well as support for unknown new talent. We will also be incorporating more African rooted sounds, the blooming scene of the Middle East and Tel Aviv, as well as reviving the genuine balearic spirit with artists from the island. The MooN RooM will provide more groove with an upbeat house music selection. 

The 2018 “Naked” experience also includes the new Resonance Area, its 'Boulev-Art' local art market, vegetarian food and cocktails, make-up, hair and costume zones, and a multitude of performers, mimes, clowns and artists made in Ibiza. 

WooMooN Naked 2018 is out of the club standards. It´s a show that transforms you. An experience that intends to stay with you forever.