The dish of the week

Tuna tartare

Raw material: Wild bluefin tuna and avocado
Origin: Barbate, Cádiz and Ibiza
Fishing - Almadraba Method
Cooking - Raw, macerated with soy and lemon

The tuna at Cova Santa is fished in Barbate, Cadiz through the Almadraba method based on the use of nets. We separate the loin from the tuna they getting one of the best parts of the fish to make our tartar.
We let the tuna macerate for a few minutes in a mixture of lemon and soy. On the other hand, we peel and chop avocado from Ibiza, choosing pieces that are at their precise maturation stage.
We proceed to the casting of the tartar by placing an avocado base and on it the tuna previously macerated. The success of our tartar lies in the quality of the product and the simplicity of the dish, exalting the flavors of each ingredient.