Dish of the Week

Dish of the Week:

  • Grilled Tuna Belly (Almadraba Cadiz)
  • Product - Wild bluefin tuna
  • Origin - Barbate, Cadiz.
  • Fishing method - Almadraba Method
  • Cooking - Grilled

 The belly is one of the most valued and interesting parts of the tuna. It is a piece with a triangular shape that is located at the bottom part of the fish, near the head.

The characteristics that give it its reputation of exquisiteness are: its proportion of fat that gives a  much more intense, fine and delicate flavour than the rest of the fish.
In Cova Santa we separated the part of the belly from the rest of the piece of the tuna and prepared it to cook on the grill. We serve it on a bed of seaweed salad previously treated and seasoned, accompanied by a reduction of soy sauce.

The result is a piece of tuna belly cooked on the grill, cut into blocks of an ideal size to eat without having to cut them.
An incomparable flavor and texture that leaves the most demanding palate speechless.