Thanks for such an amazing summer, friends!

We´ve lived one of the most intense seasons on years, the music has been the star oon our warmest nights and the moon the witness of the best parties of the island.

After the though winter and after lived a succesfull sumer, nobody could imagine that Cova Santa became in few months, the spot were the DJs find their place, the best live shows and performances, and the most important places in terms of gastronomic, cultural and artistic in the Balearic islands.

At our restaurant, new Chef suggestions, live shows and performances has delighted to thousands of costumers. An unique experience where music and food meet each other on an divine sin.

One of the most popular events this year has been without any doubt, Music On goes to Cova Santa; music, friends and the best memories of the summer.

The Music On family has stole our heart and has built one of the greatest parties ever lived in Ibiza before.

Into a magic journey, WooMooN has been the final adventure throughout the origins, an ode to the human being and the art expression under the same message.

Every Wednesday a great little world grew up on our magic place.

There are no words which could express our gratitude for all of those that has joined us this year, to make us believe again on the Ibiza magic vibes and the power of the music.

See you next year, friends!