WooMooN Grand Closing, the sweetest goodbye to the summer.

WooMooN has been the revelation of the summer in Ibiza; art, music, shows and the real essence of the Island has emerged from its dream-like lethargy after years of darkness and countless trends that made it what today is it, epicentre of the world and music reference worlwide.

On this process to the new trends, it seemed the real spirit that had became it on the paradise of freedom went out, is for this reason that WooMooN has take back to Ibiza what belongs it: the connection between strangers under one single claim and the power of music that fascinates and bewitches.

From Cova Santa we want to thanks to all of those that has acompannied through the summer to make us believe again on the sanatory power of music, art and fraternity, that helped us to build the best party ever in Ibiza for a long time.

¡Gracias Ibiza!