Put on your dancing shoes, the Funky rhythm has landed at Cova Santa!

Funky Room is here to beat your Friday mood, the Funky beats has take over the summer nights at Cova Santa.

The night began with our lovely Mimi Barber and her stunning show, brightening the night and the soul of all of us by her only presence; meanwhile her voice seemed silenced everyone, acrobats and dancers broke the routine of a conventional dinner with dancing moves and impossible choreography, a unusual show where the music and performing arts seems to have find their place in the Island under Mimi's voice tutelage.

After the dinner and a few Groovy Cocktails, Franco Moiraghi, Jordi Carreras and Les Schmitz were in charge to turn on the Funky Machine inside the club by Classic Funk beats and the funniest Funky House. A new experience which the music, dance and good vibes dress up with Groove our hottest nights.

Find us every Friday on Funky Room with the best music of the Island!