Stunning night by Guy Gerber at Cova Santa

Yesterday was an unforgettable night for all of us in the beautiful Cova Santa

The music was the absolute star of the evening and the sellout crowd at the restaurant was only the prelude to an overwhelming success that hours later filled the Club on full capacity; we were the lucky ones to received Guy Gerber in the one and only party Rumors, that exceptionally took the cabin for a few hours.
From early in the evening, the restaurant lived the performance by Mimi & Band, an exceptional voice and an exquisite temperature, were the point to a delightful evening where delicacies and the music brought to the lucky diners on an unique experience, absolutely recommended.

After this oasis of sensations, the club was visited by WHO, pure House and Acid winks on an elegant and danceable session, full of good energy spreaded from the cabin through the French Dj .
The expected Guy Gerber took over on an already crowded room, which did not hesitate to enjoy on the terrace, built in the middle of the Mediterranean forest.

The House was his main card despite giving us tech moments, he knows how to revolutionize a room that came to see him exclusively and to celebrate his birthday, just a wonderful session.
Putting the finishing touch at the evening we had the pleasure to enjoy a spectacular b2b by Shaun Reeves and Bill Patrick, a Master set to end an outstanding evening.

This is one of the great nights full of sensations and overwhelming success we've been fortunate to live in these last few weeks, are you going to miss one of the most unique experiences of the Island?