Thank you for an incredible season

Cova Santa has closed its doors for this 2019 season. 3 days ago we hosted our last event, All Day I Dream Closing, and it was one for the books. After a memorable summer full of music, smiles and a lot of movement in our restaurant, it’s time to say goodbye.

This 2019 has been the best year ever, we broke all the records and the feedback from our guests was amazing.

These were our favorite answers to the question "Why do you love Cova Santa?":

"Last original club in Ibiza ... Oasis in the desert"

"Because every night in Cova Santa is a legendary night!"

"What a great venue! Full of love, pure people and good energy! Woomoon and Guardians of EK are amazing! All the love from Holland!"

"The real spirit of Ibiza. Simply Unique!"

"Venue, people, music & the Ibiza vibe that many clubs and parties don’t have anymore"

"Because it’s something special and unique ace on the earth!"

"Where the best music sounds. Best place in Ibiza from far"

"Special people,special parties..amazing location... Love the Woomoon parties"

"My favorite place to party in Ibiza with the best parties of the white island."

"Because is magic"


We feel highly motivated for 2020! We hope next year will be as good or even better than this one.


THANK YOU Ibiza for so much love.


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