All Day I Dream closed the 2019 season

On the last day of summer, September 20th, we opened up the doors of our venue for the last time this 2019. After a wonderful season, All Day I Dream Closing was the perfect way to celebrate a summer full of magic, memories and great music.

This has been the first year of this label at Cova Santa and it has been a perfect combo, feeling like a fish in the water. The nature surrounding our venue merged with the dreamy decoration and melodic music of the event, transforming our venue into a space where dreams come true.

For this last edition of All Day I Dream, we held a spectacular evening with three great masters of music.

This last trip to dreamland started under the melodic sound of Roy Rosenfeld Ibiza’s debut, our whole venue danced creating an amazing vibe that continued with the arrival of the great Lee Burridge. YokoO, was the artist in charge to give the final touch to the evening reaching midnight under his beat. It was absolutely impossible not to feel touched by the music, the vibe and the breath-taking views of Ibiza's Soundctuary.

Cova Santa Ibiza will open again next year with a lot of news and always focused on creating the best memories for our guests.

We will hardly work to continue to be the most authentic venue of this beautiful island. The real party spirit of Ibiza won’t die and our mission is to keep it alive. Pure people, magic energy and good music is all we need. That's why our clients classify us as "Unique".

THANK YOU! Much love from our team. See you all next year.