The moon wasn’t the only thing shinning yesterday

On September 15th, WooMooN returned to our venue for one exclusive night to celebrate the last Full Moon of the summer.

While some may describe WooMooN as an event, we see it as a whole sensorial experience. Counting with amazing performances, music, characters, food and so on, the day/night was so much more than just a party. An amazing vibe surrounded Cova Santa from its signpost on the top to all the way down to the entrance, leaving a magical essence that would enchant every single person to walk in.

The soiree started at the Dance Temple with Valentin Huedo, before the stage was taken over by the incredible live sets of Monolink, Sainte Vie and Bora Uzer.

These DJs aren’t only amazing on their live productions, but also on creating a contagious atmosphere which was so intense that for the first time this season, the main stage passed the midnight, and kept on dancing until 2 am! At this point everyone was looking like they would never choose any other place to be... Just who experimented it knows how unique a party like WooMooN at Cova Santa can be.

The Trip to the Moon wasn’t left behind, hosting Âpe Chimba, Rico Loop and the follow up of Valentin Huedo. The high moment arrived holding hands with the arrival of Red Axes passed 1AM. The artists made the whole audience feel their beat deeper than ever, creating such an special moment that stayed with us until the sunrise.

An evening and night that left all standards tremendously high for next season, hanging the soldout sign for this incredible farewell. WooMooN and Cova Santa are simply the perfect match.

Thank you all for so much love and good energy. Now it's time to prepare the next season.

Greetings from our team and see you next year.