An unforgettable closing between siblings

Magdalena and Solomun simply nailed it yesterday. Starting on the daylight at Cova Santa and continuing the night at Amnesia, anywhere the party moved it brought as well its amazing energy along. Each track was special, leaving amazed the whole crowd with the incredible quality of the music.

Shadows has hosted 10 events at Cova Santa this summer and all of them were worth it. The best part is that this whole 12 hours experience was free for the early clubbers, so how can you say no to that?

Claudio Ricci started the party at 6pm at Ibiza's Soundctuary and was followed by the first drops of the evening from Magdalena.

Around 10pm, the rain took over the venue, but this was no excuse to stop the party, and so we kept on partying on the legendary Amnesia's Terrace. Solomun, the most beloved DJ on the white isle, opened the night at the club followed by a B2B with his dear sister. A back to back that lasted until the sun raised above our heads.

Can you imagine what it might feel like to share such a moment with your sibling? No words are able to describe how memorable last night was, either from the artist side on the booth as well as from the dance floor.

Hold on tight to your memories, because last night wasn’t a regular event.