The Story couldn't end better...


Yesterday we lived the last chapter of this volume of Storytellers Ibiza. Leaving many incredible memories behind, this Closing Party was definitely one of the best events ever at Cova Santa.



We have enjoyed every single page and chapter they have written with us, but ironically, this Closing Party can’t be described just with words. Our venue was looking more magical than ever, the colors, the books all around, the came-to-alive characters of the most incredible tales, everything perfectly connected with the music in such a poetic way.



Beginning the final chapter of this magical story with Âpe Chimba, we continued dancing with Guilleaume de Kadebostany and the live set of BONDI. Satori started his live set at 9PM and for 3 hours, he totally hipnotized the crowd. Delightful music, so full of emotion, he was probably the most awaited artist of the evening and as always, he simply nailed it. It was he´s first open-air show in Ibiza this year and his energy and Cova Santa are such a perfect match.



But the evening not only came to live on the main stage, baptized as the "Dreams Chapiteau", but also started at the "Dreams Square" with Emil Montgomery and Yogi Vasistha “SATSANG” while the "Sacred Cave" lived TEOTL Tulum’s sensorial experience and a special touch of LUM and Âpe Chimba.



Our guests started going downstairs to our Club, or should we better say the "Gold Chateau", which was already packed since 11PM in the company of LUMGuy Gerber and Pandhora.



Music was out of this world and the vibe was so special, it was such a pleasure to see how people were enjoying the Storytellers party experience at Cova Santa.



With no need to think twice, this is a book we would read over and over again, making the memories kept in these pages immortal.



Storytellers and Cova Santa accomplished something unique this 2019 season, that just the ones who experienced the 4 chapters of their 2019 story know how singular they were.


See you all next year.