Yesterday we held another great collab of Who Cares


168 hours, that’s all the time Who Cares needed to create an spectacular event that took place yesterday at our venue. After the unforgettable party we lived last week, Who Cares was ready to keep on surprising us. This time partnering up with Keep on Dancing, as well as the huge promoter of the industry and its 20 years of party legacy, Cocoon.



Starting at 5pm with Sonica’s radio leading voice Igor Marijuan, music drowned the venue with a contagious vibe which continued with Adam Port ready to kick off the event with his groovy techno.



DJ Koze followed him up with his great house, and Cocoon’s great ambassador Sven Väth took over from 10PM on the open concept space with his unique way to become a bridge between the beat and the audience, giving the best “finalli” outdoors before moving the party to the Club with the duo Depaart.



Right on the time of midnight, Lola Haro took over the booth followed by the German DJ Sedef Adasi, the french Keep on Dancing regular Cyril Claudel and finally culminating the night with the Spanish model/DJ Sita Abellan.



We keep on summing up memories at Cova Santa and last night, was not an exception.

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