WooMoon ‘s farewell was as magic as ever


Whoever says magic doesn’t exist definitely was not at WooMooN yesterday!



This notorious event has been sharing their summer along with us in several different parties and each one of them held the most magical essence. Yesterday, the evening was as incredible as always adding a nostalgic touch, since this was the last time we would have the chance to dance along with them for this season.



You simply can’t help it, the moment you get into WooMooN, your whole world spins until it gets the most spiritual side out of you, making you connect with the venue, the nature surrounding you, the uncountable peculiar characters running around, the precise care of detail with the decoration and of course, the amazing music which instantly takes over your senses.



Starting under the rays of the sun, the soiree began at the Dance Temple with San Miguel, whose set finished with the Opening Circle and was followed by the takeover of Valentin Huedo.



Right on time to accompany the sun to set, Monolink arrived to the stage with the first live set of the evening. If the nightfall under the mountains of the isle was not already a beautiful spectacle, this talented musician’s beat was just the perfect brushstroke to this painting. Together we welcomed the full moon and its delicate magnificence, dancing under its light and beauty.



While some stayed outdoors until dawn, rising their hands trying to reach the spherical white protagonist of the night along with the Rampue‘s stunning live set, others moved the party to the Trip To the Moon with Âpe Chimba and Rico Loop live sets until midnight arrived along with Anstascia. Maga continued right after her, smoothly blending together her mixes until Behrouz took over to close the night with his very own slight touch.



Definitely, myths are nothing comparable to this Closing Party. We lived a wonderful evening under the sun and a night in which stars were our dancing partners at this magical ballroom. We will cherish the memories created on this day forever and daydream about them while we patiently wait for the return of this formidable party.