Storytellers x Mayan Warrior Ibiza exclusive: a fantastic event

Storytellers is knowned by the immersive experiences this party provide, yesterday they joined forces with Mayan Warrior and created a really special story that will remain in the memory of the ones that came.


The entrance and staff already gave us a clue of what we were about to discover inside. The mountain-side retreat appeared dowsed in colours and unique decoration whilst the door staff faces were painted with tribal style drawings and glitter.


On the way to the main dancefloor we found a face-paint station and a small market all kinds of things, from clothes to bath-bombs and incense. Dancers, performers and actors were also all over the venue.


Carlita was the first artist to play at the Mayan Stage, until the time for Dramian progressive house set and mexican influences arrived. After him Pachanga Boys played for 3 hours and closed the Mayan Stage. But, if we had to take just one moment from the whole event, we would choose the one when they played their famous track "Time", 15 min of pure emotional music.

Time - Pachanga Boys


Then was time to move the party inside, at the Warriors Club were Valentin Huedo, Paulor, Kiasmus, Asaf Samuel and Janus Rasmussen live clossed the night with great music that made everyone dance until late hours.


Storytellers invited Mayan Warrior for the first time to Ibiza and they made something special and memorable happen at Cova Santa.


Next Storytellers will be next Sunday 18th of August and it's promising to be as incredible as this one.

Tickets already available here.