A breath-taking back to back is coming soon


BREAKING NEWS! Get ready for the party that will blow your mind! Write down: Pyramid x Who Cares the 13th of August... Less than a week ahead!

From 6 pm until the first sunlight that welcomes a new beginning in your creative and personal life, you will be able to re-discover minimal techno from the breath-taking Ricardo Villalobos. You’ll enjoy like a kid in a crazy party while enjoying an exclusive and relaxing environment and the landscape of beautiful Ibiza. Think about it: see yourself feeling the eclecticism and creativity with the influence of Depeche Mode in one of the best scenarios of electronic music in the world since 2008.



But there’s more… apart from Ricardo Villalobos, Pyramid x Who Cares in Cova Santa welcomes Luciano, the father of underground electronic music, will come to play from its beginnings with his Blind Behaviour to lots of remixes collaborations with Vagabundos, for example. This is because once you move further from pop indie, exclusivity comes at its height, and leads to new rhythms and bright memories and energy will help you recharge and restart a new life and routine.

Imagine Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano B2B…well, you must not, as they will play together as a fact! And add to this a super special guest invited by Who Cares Ibiza.



We can’t lie to you and tell you this is a life-changing event. But we do know that in Carretera San José 7 km you’ll live music’s most futurist and innovative style in both environments (inside and outside).


Pyramid x Who Cares on August 13th in Cova Santa …Will you miss such a singular event?

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