We hosted a superb third edition of Guardians of EK


Yesterday the island and Cova Santa surprised us again with Guardians of EK Verse III. Food, music and art where the tools used to enhance your inner self.


First, in the terrace Salomé came with its calming tunes, refreshing our emotional self and making the party move on. Then, dOP arrived with their unconventional hip hop roots back from 2007 to the most recent electronic sounds, dOP does not leave anyone indifferent. This band has played on small underground saloons to the most prestigious establishments, and its customs and chorus makes their performance never-ending, as in your mind you will be wanting more.



Israelian Guy Gerber entered the scene at 10 am. This rara avis in electronic production comes from British typical house music. Stopagge Time stuffed the scenery and the terrace eclectic and colourful spaces, lighting up all the guests’ senses and filling the art of progressive house.



It was a great opportunity to explore your echo and inner self with the wonderful sightseeing of Ibiza, as the island inspires itself with the arrival of Guardians of EK. But the party did not at all finish there!

Later, in the club Whomadewho, this Copenhagen-based experimental pop trio played and the mind blowing Inside World flooded the scene at the very midnight.



From 2 to 4 am Dorian Craft played, as always, amusing us with his self-taught art and unique style, which mixes ethnics styles with melodic vibes in the grounds of techno.

‘Feel your echo’ was the motto of the event, and this adjusted very well, as a new collective dream was around the assistants of the event, where the oneiric and new social norms invite to inspiration and to feel part of the most beautiful, artistic and ethereal experience.


Next, Los Charvel played until the first rays of morning sun. At 4 am, this Mexican progressive electronica filled the space with joy. Because that is what it means to be part of the event Guardians of EK Verse III in Cova Santa…a collective and universal feeling of joy and inner peace.


You can´t miss the Closing Party on September 17th.

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