Yesterday we danced in the clouds!

Yesterday we lived another memorable evening with All Day I Dream. Everyone was completely surrounded by the magical vibe they created at the venue. This party is all about daydreaming, about making come true the fantasies of our imagination, about bringing to live something we always thought it couldn't exist... and definitely, the kept their word.



The venue was all decorated in blue, white and purple shades making us feel like walking between the clouds while we were accompained by the best music.

The crowd was vibrating and feeling the music like never before, letting the notes lead their senses and moves. The musical vibe was beyond perfect, Lost Desert, Gorje Hewek & Izhevsi and the captain Lee Burridge did an incredible job on the decks.



The moment was so special, that we find hard to describe it with words and, since an image is worth a thousand words, have a look yourself to the videos from the night HERE.



A big THANK YOU to everyone that joined us yesterday, this party proves that good energy, amazing people and nice music are all we need to make dreams come true.



The last chance to attend All Day I Dream at Cova Santa Ibiza this 2019 season will be on August 20th. Ready to daydream with us?

Get your ticket for the Closing Party here.