El Fabuloso 9th anniversary in Ibiza - PURE FUN!

El Fabuloso celebrated its 9th anniversary in Ibiza with a party full of pure fun and good vibes. And although the evening is hard to describe just with words, let's give it a try below.



At 5PM the famous pool party was already starting at Cova Santa with the bingo for ladies, definitely a fun iniciative that was a great start for the evenig. The Main stage was soon took over by Nancy Rubias show, for the first performance of the day at our beautiful venue.



Right after, the one and only Mario Vaquerizo continued to cheer up everyone with his very own contagious and funny energy which was followed by the ex Killer Barbies, Silva Superstar, which made us all dance, laught and remember with the most nostalgic themes.



The already usual at our venue and always funny Carlos Areces spike until midnight famous themes of the 80's and 90's generating an absolutely contagious vibe, even your most serious friend could not resis the rhythm of El Fabuloso.



The highlight of the event was when they served a giant birthday cake and everyone sang, danced and gave the best wishes to the 9th anniversary of this famous bar / club located at the Gran Vía in Madrid.



If you can't wait to live again this experience, or didn't have the chance to join us, come along with us next August 10th for the last summer edition of El Fabuloso en Cova Santa Ibiza.


Hurry up! You have less than 20 days to guarantee your tickets!