We had a blast! But who cares?!



WHO CARES, the new party concept in Ibiza made its debut yesterday July 9th, creating a place where the most important thing is to have fun and dance to the rhythm of the best electronic music.



As they had promised, no line-ups or set times were announced and the dress code simply did not exist. During the whole evening and night, people could enjoy of their freedom and run away of any kind of judgement. We are proud to present a party based on the acceptance of each one of us and the others.



We travelled to complete different world where we forgot social conventionalisms, where living the moment was the global anthem, where we were able to express our trueselves without having to worry about who may be looking.

This vibe, added to the incredible view and decoration of our venue, as well as the music artists such as Adam Port, Red Axes, Trikk, Sita Abellan, Charvel and Igor Marijuan was a perfect combination!



Who cares who is playing? Who cares who else is going? Who cares what the dress code is? Who cares what genre of music it is? The answer to that is in the residency title.

It's simply all about the party. That is what Ibiza is all about, that is what Who Cares brings back to Ibiza.



If you are looking for something different, we will see you at Cova Santa on July 23rd for the next edition.

Tickets already available here.