Cova Santa will no longer use plastic bottles


It's no secret that the massive use of plastics is a very present problem nowadays.  We can’t change things overnight, but there is something we can do from now on to contribute to eco-friendly aspects.



What about getting rid off plastic bottles? We have decided to serve our water in an innovative and sustainable way. We would like to introduce you to Nea, the water that comes into aluminum cans shape.



Notice that this aluminum is not only a material endlessly recyclable, but also, it takes more than 10 times shorter to be degraded. An there is more, because not only the design of this can is amazing, but also what holds inside. 100% Asturias origin fresh and pure mineral water.



We aren’t perfect at Cova Santa, as anything we have highlights and things to still work on. But with this initiative we aim to make a change that may look quite small from the outside, but that we are tremendously excited about, getting us closer to become a better version of ourselves.


Try our new way to drink from the world at Cova Santa.