Storytellers: a dreamland come alive!


Just when we thought whe had already seen everything, magic decided to land yesterday at Cova Santa with Storytellers ready to make all of our dreams come true.


A myriad of colorful garlands, books decorating the whole venue, a teddy bear catapult and a giant typewriter made stage were just some of the incredible elements that made us rediscover our inner child. Each little spot had characters and live shows from the bests circuses in the world. Activities created for everyone, from Cacao Ceremonies to Sound Healing or breathing seasons. Performances that never stopped surprising us thoughout the whole event.



4PM was the time when this tale came alive, Giovanny Aparicio was the first one to take over the stage with a downtempo set and ethnic and oriental influences. Later on, the “Dreams Chapiteau” hosted for the first time in Ibiza Jan Blomqvist and Huaira. The Andean band provided an amazing vibe, which perfectly blended in with the venue while the sun was slowly going down beyond the montains.



People were starting to fill this dreamland, where imagination was limitless. The best thing was people’s reaction. Excitement at the entrance, amazement when a rocket crossed the sky and landed on the terrace right when the night came. This was when Guy Laliberté, the founder of Cirque de Soleil, arrived with Tulum’s star LUM to Cova Santa. Together, they created a fusion of deep progresive bass lines with tribal melodies, making us all dance until midnight.


Meanwhile, the melodies of the artists Bahramji, Ape Chimba, Celine Dewy and Balam were an invitation to follow our imagination and become the character we used to idolize in our childhood at the “Dream’s Square”.



The more we entered this tale, the deeper we fell into it fantasy, discovering enchanted hidden spaces. This is how we continued our night at the “Amazon’s Cave”, where we got surrrounded by the Far East. A place where we surely wouldn’t mind to spend a thousand and one nights. Anstascia b2b Bloem, Veronika Fleyta, Carlita, Laurénce Matte and Mizz Martinez transformed their music into stories making us part of it until the sun started to rise again to join our fantasy.


No matter how hard we try, no words can describe Storytellers. It’s the perfect combination between magic, fun and mystery. We can only add, that this is something you need to see to believe.