Cova Santa steps into the future of menus


Smartphones are constantly changing the way we do things: how we communicate, how we buy clothes, how we book our holidays, etc. The future is innovation.


At Cova Santa, we are always looking into the future and into new ways of providing our clients the best service. For this reason, we decided to invest in a new an innovative way of presenting our menu: Menugram.


This new service provides a photographic menu through an Instagram account in which clients can find all the dishes available on our menu with their descriptions. The menu will be easily accesible through tablets provided at our venue or through our clients smartphones.


“We want our clients to have a Premium experience at Cova Santa by Espai Kru. Techology is part of our everyday life and we thought incorportating Menugram on our venue would be an easy and appealing way for our clients to chose their meal. Like this, they can see how the dish looks like before ordering it. We love the idea and are really excited to start working with it.” – says, Sergi Villacampa, Project Director for Group Iglesias.



Cova Santa’s Menugram is already available online.

You can find it on Instagram: @covasanta.menugram