WooMooN’s Opening party: SOLD OUT


Yesterday, we opened our doors at 5:00 PM with Âpe Ceremony at the Dance Temple. With his WooMooN´s music style, he generated a relaxing vibe leaving everyone perfectly tuned for what was coming next.


As it is typical of WooMooN events, the entrance of our venue was packed with food trucks, small hippie clothing stores, makeup artists, and art in all sorts of ways. All of this thought to provide a unique experience to all WooMooNers.



At 05:45 PM, Landikhan started his set (live), with downtempo music full of oriental and ethnic influences. Sahalé gave the best follow-up and made the whole public dance, smile and enjoy for more than an hour.


At 8:30 PM, the awaited Monolink kicked off his live set. This notorious artist, who will be in Ibiza exclusively for the WooMooN events at Cova Santa, presented an amazing performance: he sang and played his guitar barefoot, using his feet to create a magical live set that made everyone connect with his enormous talent.



Rampue took over the cabin at 10 PM. The Berlin native artist, also a regular at WooMooN, inspired the international emerging artists with an unbelievable 2-hour live set, blending deep progressive bass lines, Latin-inspired melodies and its tribal production.



At that moment, the Dance Temple was full of smiling faces, dancing bodies and souls full of energy. Everyone was totally amazed watching the incredible live shows and performances that WooMooN prepared. What an experience!



From 12 AM onwards, we continued the party at the Club where Maga, Anstascia, Chaim and Brina Knauss provided an incredible musical spectacle and made the assistants dance till sunrise.


With no doubt, this is the event that best represents the essence of the White Isle and clearly shows us, once more, that Cova Santa and WooMooN are a perfect match.


If our words weren't enough to describe this party, let the creator itself do so in his very own words: "The magic exists. This is the feeling of a tribe - only fear kills your dreams."


Don´t miss WooMooN´s next show at Cova Santa Ibiza. Sunday, June 23rd. 

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