Cova Santa closes its doors until 2019

The restaurant Cova Santa has closed its doors for this 2018 season. After a summer full of changes and with a lot of movement in our restaurant, it’s time to say goodbye and see you next year.

This 2018 has been a year full of newness. The first novelty has been the incorporation into our kitchen of Espai Kru - part of the gastronomic group: Grup Iglesias - has brought to Cova Santa a new way of preparing food without fire. Our customers have been able to enjoy night after night some of the most exclusive dishes and ingredients from Espai Kru’ s cuisine.

Espai Kru

All this while they enjoyed a new show of singing and dancing. Camila - from La Voz - was the one in charge of this live performance.

Camila live show

Another of the novelties of this year have been the events celebrated in our restaurant:

The first of the new events we celebrated in Cova Santa was Storytellers - which came from the creators of WooMooN - This was its first time they celebrated an event in Ibiza. Storytellers made us live, during the two days party, a fantasy.  It seemed as if we were inside a fairy tale.


The second new event has been Midsommar. A well-known Swedish tradition that elrow alongside Absolut decided to bring to our restaurant. On August 8th we all moved to northern Europe with an incredible party, full of flowers, food and typical Nordic dances.


The third of the new events was El Fabuloso Pool Party. Some of the most media personalities of the Spanish capital came from Madrid to Ibiza. They made us live a party in the truly 80s style.

El Fabuloso

But these haven’t been the only parties we have hosted this summer, as every year WooMooN, the full moon party, has accompanied us every Sunday with his show "Naked".


The truth is that 2018 season will be remembered for being the year where we have hosted the most number of new parties and activities outside the gastronomic field.

We hope next year will be the same or even better than this one. We have had a great time, and we want to repeat it again!