Ends the most magical event on the island

On Sunday 26th August we celebrated WooMooN Closing Party. The doors opened at 5 pm and since that moment the WooMooN experience began. The terrace was full throughout the whole celebration and everyone who came to Cova Santa could enjoy a magical atmosphere (like every Sunday) full of joy and good vibes.

woomoon closing

The magical characteristic beings of WooMooN ( cyclopes with giant eyes and the curious and charming extraterrestrials) walked among the public celebrating, dancing and cheering the public throughout the evening.

woomoon closing

Yesterday the party was great, the best way to say goodbye to such a special and magic event! It was absolutely what everyone was waiting for. There were live performances, typical healthy food (as every Sunday), smoothies, facial makeup... All this alongside the best underground music of the moment. The line up included many of the most acclaimed musicians such as Brina Knauss, Chaim, Jan Blomquist & Band (Live), Lum, Osuhlade, Rodriguez Jr. and many more. In addition, the shows were increased in duration and quality. The staging exceeded all previous parties of the season; WooMooN said goodbye in style.

woomoon stage

Even though we hate goodbyes, summer is coming to an end and with it, all farewells come. In Cova Santa we will miss the Sundays of WooMooN, but the magic does not end here, because every night you can continue enjoying the magic of the place and delicious dinners accompanied by live shows.

Goodbye WooMooN, until next year!