The most FABULOUS Pool Party!

El Fabuloso celebrated its 8th anniversary at Cova Santa last Friday, August 17th with an exciting Pool Party! An exciting and fun event never celebrated before in Cova Santa.

The doors opened at 5 pm. From 7pm to 8pm we enjoyed a happy hour (2x1) and if you were hungry there were food trucks to keep your stomach satisfied during the event! And of course a swimming pool! Even though the day got cloudy and we woke up to a rainy morning, the weather got better so that we could enjoy the party of El Fabuloso. Lorena Castell entertained us with her "Bingo for Ladies", Silvia Superstar who took control over the DJ booth alongside the great Carlos Areces, La Terremoto de Alcorcón, Edgar Zombie Kids and the usual DJs from El Fabuloso.

Laughter, good vibes and the desire to have fun were present throughout the whole afternoon and night.

Thanks to El Fabuloso for choosing Cova Santa as a place to celebrate their anniversary.

We hope to celebrate more events with you in the future!