Storytellers celebrates "Chapter II"

Last Tuesday, August 14th, Storytellers Ibiza presented Chapter II of its show "Dancing into Dreamland" at Cova Santa. The party followed the same production style of Chapter I, an amazing production full of colours, flags, toys and accessories related to the world of dreams and stories. All attendees could have their face and bodies painted as if they were in a fairy tale; They were also able to dress up in costumes that were given in one of the tents. The party started around 5 pm and lasted until 5 am!

The sensation that we lived in this Chapter II of Storytellers was very similar to the first event, from the entrance to Cova Santa, we felt as if we were entering Dreamland. A sign at the door welcomed us back to "Dancing into Dreamland".

For this second and awaited occasion, Storytellers collaborated with Pyramid Ibiza, the new party on a Monday at Amnesia. Chapter II of Storytellers had a special b2b between Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano - both who already played together at Amnesia the night before at Pyramid  - in addition, the well-known and acclaimed Damian Lazarus, was also there.

But this event didn’t just offer us shows, good music and delighted our eyes and ears, we could also delight our stomachs with vegan dishes of quinoa, couscous, açais and endless vegan and healthy food, among others.

Storytellers made us feel like we were in a fairy tale, in a fantasy world far from what we know. For this, they had a fabulous artistic production, incredible performances, story characters and thematically characterized spaces. This event has given us the opportunity to experience in first person a fable that amplifies the senses.

"Dancing into Dreamland" has undoubtedly become one of the most special events in Ibiza. We can even dare to say that it was the best of all the events we have had this summer in Cova Santa.

A success we hope to repeat again next year!