Midsommar was extraordinary

For the first time in history Elrow and Absolut join forces with Cova Santa to celebrate the longest day of the year in Sweden: Midsommar.

Midsommar foto

Last Wednesday, August 8th, Cova Santa celebrated one of the most significant events of the Nordic culture. Elrow and Absolut presented the Midsommar party.  Thanks to the creative production, they recreated the spirit of the longest day of the year in Sweden.

The party on Wednesday had a spectacular production. It really looked like we were in Sweden celebrating Midsommar!

The event started around 5pm. We could feel the authentic spirit of Midsommar: a lot of love, dances, games, theater, music, food and drink, flower crown workshops and we could also taste the typical desserts: strawberry cake. The performances began around 7pm, including musical shows, magicians and games.

Midsommar foto 3

The artists who made us enjoy even more this party were: 2 Many Djs, Damian Lazarus, Crazy P, Alex Bowman, Lex Wolf y Negghead, de Acid Mondays, Alfredo, Brina Knauss, Toni Varga, among others.

An incredible party, perhaps one of the best we have seen and we have lived at Cova Santa!