Storytellers exceeds all expectations

Last Wednesday, August 1st Storytellers Ibiza presented the first chapter of its show "Dancing into Dreamland" in our restaurant. The party, which started around 5 pm, featured an amazing production never seen before in the place. The whole place was full of colourful ribbons that hung from the ceiling as if it were the Middle Age. We also found a lot of ornaments - mostly of a childish nature - that transported us to a fantasy world.

Storytellers foto 1

The entrance to Cova Santa looked like the entrance to Wonderland. At the door a sign welcomed us to "Dancing into Dreamland"; The door, which was adorned with fabrics, teddy bears and endless colourful ornaments, let the attendees, who were queuing, guess what they were going to find in there. Once inside the place, a small corridor of pencil colours became the first stop to the magical world of Storytellers. Colourful ribbons, giant poker cards, teddies, umbrellas and dolls were just some of the objects that people could find at each step they took.

Storytellers foto 2

Cova Santa is divided into two areas: the first level and the second level. Both adorned in very peculiar ways. In the first level we found mounted a large tent with cushions on the floor, a musician entertaining the afternoon and one specific space where all attendees could paint their faces for free in the purest fantasy world style. In addition, there was an area enabled so that people could disguise themselves and match the style of the party.

Storytellers foto 3

The arriving of people did not stop since Storytellers opened the doors to the public. Each of the people who entered Cova was shaken by everything that was being found at each step. Attendees were getting comfortable, painting their faces, dressing for the occasion, enjoying the food that was prepared for the occasion ... Anyway, enjoying this unique experience that is only going to be able to live twice in Ibiza this August.

Storytellers foto 4

At the top of the restaurant was where the main stage was mounted, a place where the artists invited for the occasion gave the musical note to this spectacular event. The tapes hanging from the ceiling, as if it were the Middle Age, gave Cova Santa a style and colour that definitely transported you to a fairytale, which we have only been able to dream, all those who approached Storytellers yesterday felt for a few hours back to childhood. The music and space made the party a success and that people couldn't erase the smile from their faces. Good vibes, that's what you could find yesterday in Cova Santa.

Storytellers foto 5

The music and decoration weren’t the only elements that made us live a magical and special moment, on the left side of the stage and raised above the audience, there was a platform where a tribe of acrobats made us dream with their acrobatics, jumps, movements and talent. But that wasn’t the only show, throughout the afternoon and night other performances were happening, in both scenarios. All our senses were fascinated by Storytellers.

Storytellers foto 6

"Dancing into Dreamland" was undoubtedly one of the most special events in Ibiza, which will have its second round on Tuesday, August 14th with its Chapter II of "Dancing into Dreamland".

We recommend that, if you are in Ibiza, do not miss the next Storytellers Ibiza! Buy your tickets here.

Let yourself be carried away by imagination and fantasy and awaken the child within you!