On August 8th a tale from the north arrived to Cova Santa. elrow and Absolut presented Midsommar - a natural phenomenon from the north where, on this day of the year, the sun never sets… The Swedish Midsommar is the celebration of the longest day of the year, where family and friends join together in merriment to honour the arrival of Midsommar. A mighty force, whose warm seduction leads guests into the party and inspires the light to keep night at bay.

In production and creative collaboration with 'Storytellers Ibiza', who recreated the spirit of Sweden’s longest day of the year called MIDSOMMAR for one day and one night only this summer… A celebration of love and fertility, dancing & games, theatrics & music, eating & drinking, summer flowers and powerful dreams.

The celebrations kicked off at 5pm in true Midsommar spirit. From 7pm there were plenty of activities to interact with, such as roaming musical acts, mind blowing magicians and a series of games for those who love to play. There were also traditional Swedish workshops, where you will have the opportunity to make your own flower crown or a strawberry cake.

At 8pm the ceremonial raising of the Maypole, a key moment of the Midsommar tradition. Performers evoked this dancing frenzy by encouraging guests to join them in an explosion of dance around the Maypole!

At midnight the party continued in the club at Cova Santa, where everyone continued dancing until the early hours with exclusive performances in a stunning floral setting.

Midsommar was a party that channeled the esoteric spirit of elrow while tapping into the mysticism of Swedish heritage – a celebration of togetherness, new beginnings and light... where the sun never sets and anything can happen!