Guardians of EK


The island INSPIRES itself with the ECHO GUARDIANS.

The language of this new proposal created by SOYSER is not only musical but gastronomical, artistic and theatrical. Direct. Body to body, from one soul to the next. Generating a common dream within all of its guests. Real and transcendent.
GUARDIANS OF EK breaks all barriers of intellectual language submission. We brought it to our territories where unique, more powerful social norms empower people to INSPIRE. Every attendee has been part of this unparalleled, beautiful and delirious artistic happening. A collective, universal and brutally joyful outcome.

Welcome your INNER echo.


"When inspiration arises due to a great purpose,
the inner power of your mind breaks its own barriers,
the mind transcends its own limitations.
Consciousness expands in all directions, finding yourself in a new sphere.

The forces, skills and talents become alive, realizing that you are larger than you ever thought."


Feel Your Echo

We are voices... We are echoes

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