Who Cares


WHO CARES is a new party concept in Ibiza in which the most important thing is to have fun and dance to the rhythm of the best music. We won’t unveil the line-up, nor will we use a headliner as an advertisement tool. Instead we return back to the roots of Ibiza’s most genuine party essence.


Nowadays, every time we talk about a party, the typical questions pop into our minds:

..."Who's playing?”

..."Who else is going?”

..."Have the set times been announced?"

..."But... what kind of party is this?"

Our answer is the same for all of the above: WHO CARES?



We can’t tell you much more. Of course WHO CARES cares for great musicians and in case you wonder, yes we will have big names! Remember that good things come to those who wait.


WHO CARES is taking place at Cova Santa on 5 days throughout the season:

July 9th (OPENING PARTY review HERE)

July 23rd

August 13th

August 20th

September 24th (CLOSING PARTY).


We don’t need to know who you’ll be coming with, what you’ll be wearing, the way you dance, because really… WHO CARES?

Be yourself without limitations because in the end, you are the essence of the party ("we are the party"). If you’re looking for a cool party, look no more; WHO CARES cares for you.


Are you ready for this experience?

See you at Cova Santa on July 9th from 6pm till late.