At the Cova Santa restaurant, gastronomy is conceived as an art and exquisite service and customer care as a law. Many celebrities and the most chic of society have sat at the table of the magical dinners of Cova Santa.

The restaurant offers a first class avant-garde creative cuisine, Mediterranean with ethnic influences. Our mission is to transform the pleasure of good food into a permanent challenge for the senses. We give equal importance to quality, flavor, and aesthetics, and we love to surprise with each dish.

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The gastronomic proposal is in charge of Xavi Alba, former director of operations of ElBarri restaurants, awarded with 4 Michelin stars. His successful experience in the field of restoration converges in Cova Santa with the exhaustive knowledge of the Amnesia Group in the design of creative and musical experiences in Ibiza.

The winery is located in the natural cave, an unbeatable environment for the optimal conservation of the wines. It has been created and supervised by the most prestigious winemakers on the island, possibly becoming the best winery in the Balearic Islands.