Welcome aboard a culinary journey around the world.

We want to take you on a trip, make you soak up different cultures and traditions, so when you return you feel enriched by these experiences. All this without leaving Cova Santa. This is why we created a menu in which every dish, and the ingredients with which it is made, represents a different city, country or region around the world.

A journey with stops in Italy, Spain, France, Mexico, Portugal, Brazil, Asia and many other places that you’ll discover at our restaurant.

Relax and enjoy the journey.

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The gastronomic proposal is in charge of Xavi Alba, former director of operations of ElBarri restaurants, awarded with 4 Michelin stars. His successful experience in the field of restoration converges in Cova Santa with the exhaustive knowledge of the Amnesia Group in the design of creative and musical experiences in Ibiza.

The winery is located in the natural cave, an unbeatable environment for the optimal conservation of the wine. It has been created and supervised by the most prestigious winemakers on the island, possibly becoming the best winery in the Balearic Islands.