Have you ever felt that magical connection with Ibiza? Are you in love with the musical culture of the island? Did you come on vacation and stay here forever? Then you are “People from Ibiza”!

The Balearic festival par excellence returns, where eclecticism is a way of being. A space where you can meet and reconnect with what made you fall in love with Ibiza and that you have longed for for a long time. A party without ties, or imposed fashions where you can feel free, dance and be yourself. A party where the one that matters is you!

To make a special party we needed a special place and that is none other than Cova Santa. The San José highway club brings together all the necessary elements to create that magical atmosphere and live unforgettable moments, an open air space where you can connect with nature to the sound of music and a club at the foot of an ancient cave where you can dance until late hours.

Welcome to the family… you are now “people from ibiza”