Cova Santa has a first class cocktail service, which offers from original and refreshing proposals to cocktails that are true works of art, created with avant-garde molecular techniques.


First class cocktail service by Marc Álvarez. After more than ten years working in different bars and restaurants in Barcelona, ​​Marc arrived at the position of Bar Manager of the elBarri Group, developing all the company’s bar programs in Barcelona and Ibiza.

In February 2018, he founded his own company called Drink’s Atelier, which is dedicated to developing projects for bars and cocktail bars nationally and internationally. Finally in 2019, he opened his own store together with Simone Caporale called Sips.

The winery is located in the natural cave, an unbeatable environment for the optimal conservation of the wines. It has been created and supervised by the most prestigious winemakers on the island, possibly becoming the best winery in the Balearic Islands.